AutoCameo Key Highlights in IPL 2023

Jun 13, 2023

Jun 13, 2023

Jun 13, 2023

It’s been two weeks since the IPL 2023 Finals, and our team is reflecting on the successful launch of AutoCameo and its debut in Jio's VIP Box fan experience, providing personalized video messages to millions of cricket fans during IPL 2023.

Here are some key highlights of AutoCameo's performance during IPL 2023:

  • Almost 300,000 requests were received from fans seeking personalized messages from their favorite IPL2023 players.

  • During peak periods, the AutoCameo API generated 160 personalized video messages per minute without outages and with minimal strain on the back-end infrastructure.

  • In just 12 days, we have accumulated over 2 million views and widespread engagement across various social media platforms.

Among the most requested were personal birthday and anniversary messages from the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Chennai Super Kings. Fans took their excitement to social media to share their AutoCameo videos with their friends and community:

We’re delighted to have brought joy to numerous cricket fans in India this IPL 2023 season. And this is just the beginning! We anticipate AutoCameo extending its applications beyond cricket and sports, across various industries globally.

So, make sure to keeps tabs on AutoCameo! 😄

100,000 Fans in 10 Days

May 19, 2023

May 19, 2023

May 19, 2023

AutoCameo achieved a major milestone of 100,000 personalized messages created by fans in just 10 days during India Premiere League 2023. Thanks to the power of AI, cricket fans generated unique, personalized video messages from their favorite players and shared them with friends, family, and on social media for millions of people to see.

*Update: May 31, 2023*

In the run up to the end of an exciting IPL2023, more than 275,000 fans requested personalized video messages from their favorite IPL 2023 players. At peak times, the AutoCameo API was generating 160 personalized video messages per minute, with no outages and minimal load on back-end infrastructure.

AutoCameo technology brings the power of AI to Cricket

May 3, 2023

May 3, 2023

May 3, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that AutoCameo, our generative AI video message service, will debut with Jio to bring personalized celebrity video messages to millions of cricket enthusiasts during Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023. Our advanced technology delivers high-fidelity, tailor-made messages featuring lifelike visuals from any angle and precise voice and lip synchronization, all seamlessly integrated through an easy-to-use API interface.

Unleashing the power of AI to IPL 2023

TWO is partnering with Jio to integrate AutoCameo into Jio's IPL 2023 VIP Box ( This collaboration aims to enhance fan experiences by allowing users to submit requests for personalized video messages from their favorite cricket players. With millions of fans eagerly following the IPL, this partnership will provide them with an exclusive opportunity to receive customized videos from cricketing icons such as Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, MS Dhoni, KL Rahul, and many more from all the IPL teams.

Becoming an industry-leading company

We are excited to introduce the first B2B service utilizing TWO technology to the world. AutoCameo is not limited to cricket and sports, but can be used in other applications throughout various industries. Creating AI engines and products for fan engagement is just one way that we will create immersive, interactive AI experiences that captivate and connect audiences worldwide.

AutoCameo experiences extending to next verticals

May 3, 2023

May 3, 2023

May 3, 2023

Over the years, the fundamental retail experience has remained relatively unchanged: enter a store, search for the desired product, and make a purchase. However, artificial intelligence (AI) has the capacity to revolutionize this conventional retail experience by introducing personalization, automation, and enhanced efficiency.

With AutoCameo, our Generative AI powered video messaging service that delivers personalized, high-fidelity videos at scale in real-time, we can create interactive AI experiences in many industries.

AutoCameo in Retail

When browsing for groceries at a local market or purchasing cosmetics at a beauty retail store, AutoCameo can enhance and streamline the customer experience. Our technology aids in providing personalized in-store recommendations tailored to each individual customer. Utilizing customer-provided data, AutoCameo is able to suggest suitable products that align with the customer's needs. Many customers struggle with the pressure and expense of finding the ideal product by trial and error, but AutoCameo can effectively resolve these challenges, ensuring a more efficient and enjoyable shopping experience.

AutoCameo in Health

AutoCameo has the potential to enhance the capabilities of patients and local pharmacies by leveraging AI to transform how hospitals and physicians oversee patient care. By facilitating direct communication with hospitals, AutoCameo can provide prompt reminders and deliver prescription information to patients as needed. Our technology can automate various processes, including appointment scheduling, real-time health monitoring, and round-the-clock patient care support for addressing urgent concerns. AutoCameo can optimize the patient experience, allowing hospitals and doctors to concentrate on more critical tasks.

AutoCameo powered by TWO's AI Engine, HALO-2

Apr 1, 2023

Apr 1, 2023

Apr 1, 2023

AutoCameo's pixel-real visuals, fully human looks and expressions, and natural speaking capability is powered by HALO-2, TWO Platform's Reality Synthesis Engine leveraging proprietary ML technologies developed in-house. HALO-2 takes visual and audio data from simple captures or existing data sets and creates a robust visual and voice model that can generate in real-time and at scale.

PixelReal in Hi-fidelity.

Visuals produced by HALO-2 are intricately detailed and strikingly lifelike. Rendering photorealistic digital characters in 4k, HALO-2 captures both visuals and emotions with remarkable accuracy. It synchronizes gestures and movements with natural-sounding synthesized audio, ensuring that AutoCameo not only makes appearances appear genuine but genuinely indistinguishable from reality.

Unlimited looks and expressions.

With just a flip of a switch, HALO-2 offers a diverse array of appearances and captures every natural expression imaginable. Its extensive customization capabilities enable a wide range of looks, expressions, and emotions for truly authentic interaction. It renders content from multiple viewpoints, catering to various scenarios. AutoCameo effortlessly captures everything from smiles to frowns, and from any angle.

AI Engine with real-time capability.

Experience seamless interactivity with HALO-2, offering instantaneous engagement wherever and whenever you desire. Just like reality, there is no delay in response when communicating or interacting with this cutting-edge technology. Users can enjoy high-fidelity realism and ultra-low latency, ensuring real-time messaging and constant connectivity with AutoCameo.

The power of personalized video messages

Mar 15, 2023

Mar 15, 2023

Mar 15, 2023

In our modern, remote-centric, mobile-driven world, videos have become the most effective way to communicate, capturing attention like no other medium. While one-on-one video interactions can be powerful, they are time-consuming and require coordination between parties, and typically only the most premium customer relationships can warrant a human-to-human interaction. That's where AutoCameo comes in, a game-changer that allows you to send personalized video messages from spokespersons, celebrities, or executives, directly to your fans, customers, employees, and constituents.

AutoCameo can have immediate impact on business that value their customers and place a premium on their customer's time in five ways:

1. Boost Engagement and Sales

Why stick to the same old marketing techniques when you can use personalized videos to charm and convert users at every stage of their journey? AutoCameo's innovative approach allows you to transform the customer experience and outperform your business KPIs. By sending tailored video messages to your audience, you can create a more meaningful connection, leading to increased engagement and sales.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

In a world where countless brands are constantly vying for attention, standing out from the crowd is essential. With AutoCameo, you create a stronger emotional connection by speaking directly to your customers through personalized video messages. This memorable approach not only increases brand recall but also has the potential to garner organic PR, giving your brand the attention it deserves.

3. Build Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the backbone of any successful business, and AutoCameo helps you achieve that at scale. With personalized video messages, you can effectively communicate with your customers, building trust and loyalty like never before. By tailoring your messages to each individual's specific context and needs, you can engage and excite them, making them feel valued and appreciated.

4. Increase Retention & Employee Love

Customers who look forward to a message from the brands they engage are less likely to seek other brands. By leveraging a cutting edge feature like AutoCameo, users know you are investing in them. Likewise, AutoCameo offers a unique way to show employees your appreciation. By sending videos recorded specifically for each employee and stakeholder, you can boost employee loyalty and deepen your bond with stakeholders. A little personalized recognition goes a long way in creating a positive customer experience or work environment and fostering long-lasting relationships.

5. Omnichannel Engagement

AutoCameo understands that your users are everywhere, which is why it supports a wide range of platforms, including email, SMS, Smart TV, and mobile apps. Share personalized videos wherever your users are, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience across all channels. This omnichannel approach helps you reach your audience effectively, no matter where they are or how they prefer to be contacted.

AutoCameo is a scalable, easy-to-implement tool for businesses looking to enhance their communication and marketing strategies in today's remote-first world. By leveraging the power of personalized video messages, you can boost engagement, sales, customer loyalty, brand recall, and employee satisfaction, all while providing a unique and memorable experience for your audience.

Let us keep you posted.